Health Insurance For Hairdressers

Keeping independent contractors covered…for LESS!

While numerous Americans acquire their medical coverage through their employers, hairdressers generally do not have this option. Numerous stylists are independently contracted and have to purchase their own health insurance. Few stylists are fortunate enough to work in a salon as an employee who receives healthcare benefits.

At the same time many of hair stylist prefer being their own boss. These beauticians are considered self-employed – they pay a lease to the salon proprietor, either at a level rate or a level of deals, or a blend of the two. Some self employed entities don’t work in salons and may work in their own homes or travel to their customers’ home. Depending on the hairdressers’ income, a few healthcare options would be available. The two most popular options are Private Health Insurance or ACA/Obamacare.

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Business Provided Group Health Insurance

Stylists who own a solon and have W-2 Employees are qualified to enroll in a group health insurance plan. This option is less common and often more expensive. This option can also make employees ineligible for certain state or government plans such as those plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Spouse’s or Parents’ Coverage

A stylists who is married could get access to health insurance through their spouse. This also can be a very expensive option. And those younger stylist who are under age 26 could stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. Often times this option can be pricey as well…

Gathering Coverage Through Association Membership

Association plans are another popular option for self employed hairdressers. These plans were popular for decades and were suppressed during the Obama administration but were resurrected by the Trump administration. Generally, these plans are best for healthy Americans who want affordable health insurance coverage. Many of these plans do not have a lot of the bells and whistles of a major medical plan, but they do provide basic coverage at an affordable rate.

Many stylist simply want a plan in the even of some large medical bill. These plans focus on that exact premise. And that makes these plans very popular.

Get a quote on Health Insurance.

Some association plans do have small association fees, but the price point is so minimal that stylist are glad to join the association. And many associations do have nice benefits like telemedicine or prescription benefits.

Health Insurance Coverage for YOU!

Beauticians who can’t join an employer plan (or cant afford to join their employer plan) should get a quote through us. Shopping for individual medical insurance is not bad, if you have a knowledgeable guide. We not only help you today, but for years to come!

Key Points:

  • We insure thousands of Self Employed Hairdressers
  • We only enroll 40% of the hairdressers we speak with. Often times we can direct individuals to government plans, state plans, Medicaid, Medicare, or advise them to keep their current coverage.
  • We are FREE to work with……rates are fixed by law and our agents are paid by the insurance companies
  • Health Insurance for Hairdressers is contracted with 119 US insurance companies and 3 international companies for hairdressers whose profession leads them abroad.

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